A home that supports your addiction recovery process – healing retreat inspiration

The time you spend at a great retreat meant to help you overcome your addiction and prevent alcohol and drug cravings from affecting your life even further can turn out to be quite memorable. While there you have the resources necessary to keep yourself on the right path, once you return home, the process can become more challenging. Why not see your household as your own recovery retreat? You can easily bring in a few additions and changes that will give you the opportunity to maintain a balanced lifestyle, and to keep your sobriety in-check. Here’s what you should know:

Meditation room

Once you do a bit more research on the topic, and after discussing the matter at the retreat with holistic drug-rehab specialist, you will soon start comprehending the importance of meditation in a healing process. However, in order for you to actually get in the right meditation mode, and to benefit from the best results, you will need to have at your disposal an optimized space for this specific purpose. As you might have seen at the retreat where you have went for rehabilitation, meditation should be done in a space that inspires tranquility and allows you to reach a deep connection with your inner self. Use the things you have seen there and create a meditation room that gives you the chance to enter the right mood and state of mind. As Johnny The Healer says on addiction recovery, meditation can be a wonderful tool in your long-term healing journey.

Home additions that promote relaxation – sauna and Jacuzzi

If you want to take things one level further, and have a bit of time and money, you can pursue actual remodel or home improvement projects that will give retreat characteristics to your property. Any home addition that promotes relaxation and stress-relief is worth considering, and two amazing options that are known for working well in this department are a sauna or a Jacuzzi. Soaking in hot water at the end of a stressful day, or 30 minutes in a home sauna will lift your spirit and help you obtain the tranquility you desire. You won’t regret spending money on these projects.

Uncluttered living environment

A cluttered home is usually linked to a cluttered mind. Once you want to make a noticeable change in your life, starting from the simplest of things, such as improving your living conditions, is necessary. Take a look around and make sure you are living in a house that is organized, luminous and clutter-free. Follow the example of the healing environment at luxury rehabs, and free your house of all unnecessary material possessions.

In order for your post-rehab healing journey to provide you with maximum results, you should inspire yourself from a retreat’s design and implement a few home upgrades that will allow you to keep yourself on track, and far away from your harmful past habits. Having a Jacuzzi that allows you to tackle stress naturally, or remodeling a room to make it appropriate for meditation, yoga or other beneficial holistic practices will help you more than you think, so invest a bit of time and money to give your home that retreat feel.

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