Advantages of Home Automation Systems

We all want to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our homes safe. If you want to ensure the protection of your home and your family, you have to use home automation systems. They might be a big investment, but they’re worth the money that you spend on them. If you’re not convinced about the importance of home automation systems, read the following lines to learn about the advantages that they have to offer.

Keep track of what is happening when you’re not at home

A great advantage that you have if you use a home automation system like a security camera is that you can keep track of what is happening in your home when you’re away. You can keep track on what your children are doing if the babysitter is actually caring for your baby, and if the pets are behaving. Therefore, don’t skip on installing an indoor security camera if you want to know what’s happening even when you’re at work. If you buy a modern model, you will be able to check on your tablet or smartphone what the camera is recording right at that moment. Also, certain models allow you to interact with the people who are inside your home when you’re away through a microphone that they have installed.

Make sure that your home won’t fall victim to burglaries

The most obvious advantage of installing a home automation system is that it will keep your home safe from burglars. No matter the type of security system or device that you use, you will be able to make these people who mean to do you harm away. Also, in the unfortunate event that your home does fall victim to a break-in, at least you will have the necessary footage to provide the police in order to catch the intruder fast. Therefore, don’t let your home and your belongings fall victim to burglaries and install a home automation system for your own good.

Best home automation system that you can use

A great security device that you can use to ensure that your home is protected is the Schlage Sense BE479 smart door lock. You can purchase it for the price of $190. It’s by far the best smart lock available on the market. This model is ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified, this being the highest rating any deadbolt can receive. It uses an encrypted Bluetooth connection in order to prevent unauthorized access to your home. To open and close the lock you have to install the Schlage Sense app on your smart device. With the app, you can assign up to 30 different codes to guests for them to have access in your home. In addition, it comes with the useful auto-lock feature that your door will automatically close after a time between 15 seconds and 4 minutes in case you forget about it.

To keep track of what is happening inside your home, you have to use the Icontrol Networks Piper NV security camera. To purchase it you will have to spend about $300. The 180-degree immersive view camera allows you to monitor everything in your home. It offers motion and sound detection capabilities to ensure that you will be aware of any activity unfolding in your home when you’re away. The 2-way audio allows you to hear everything and to speak with the people inside your home as well. In addition, the 105 dBA siren will surely scare off any intruder that wants to enter your home, and it will alert you of his presence as well.

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