Are Whole House Water Filters Worth the Money?

In order to be healthy, we must not only eat healthy food but drink healthy water as well. Water is without a doubt far more important than food. Unfortunately, these days, in most homes, the tap water is not very good for our health due to the fact that it has some harmful contaminants. For making it healthier, lots of people choose to install in their homes a whole house water filter. In case you are wondering if whole house water filters worth the money, read this article and you can draw your own conclusion.

First of all, do you actually need a whole house water filter?

Before you actually pay for a device like this, you must know exactly if you need a unit like this. Furthermore, in case you need one, then you must know exactly what contaminants are in your water, in order to choose the right model for your needs. Therefore, you must test your tap water, and you can do this by using a testing kit, which you can easily buy from a specific shop. The whole procedure is an easy one, which will last just a few minutes.

Whole house water filters or under counter devices?

Are whole house water filters worth the money? Should I choose a whole house water filter or an under counter unit? This is a dilemma for lots of people. It shouldn’t be, due to the fact that there is a big difference between these two types of filters. They actually provide the same results, but the difference is that the under counter water filter can clean the water that comes from the sink where the unit is installed, whereas the whole house unit will provide you a clean and fresh water in the entire house, as the device is actually installed at the point where the water enters your home.

If you analyze the the Aquasana whole house water filter review posted on, you will see that a quality whole house filter like the one from Aquasana can remove over 97% of the chlorine found in tap water, but also other contaminants as well, such as lead, arsenic, pharmaceuticals and much more. Undersink filters, can also remove chlorine, but being a lot smaller, they have fewer filtration medias and they don’t do a great job removing dangerous contaminants, not to mention  the fact  that the only purify the water from a single source. This is why the whole house unit is a lot better than the other type of filter. You will not only drink healthy water, but you will also use it. Furthermore, the household machines that use water in order to operate will also be protected, due to the fact that the provided water will not contain that much chlorine anymore.

Another great thing about the whole house water filtration system is that it is quite durable. This means that you will actually invest in quality, and it will definitely be a long-term investment. Moreover, most of the models that can be found in the shops these days use multiple stages of filtration, in order to efficiently remove up to 30 dangerous contaminants. Not only the quality of your tap water will improve, but the taste as well. You will be healthier, a lot better hydrated, and you will feel absolutely amazing, which means that a device like this worth every penny.

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