BMW X5 – the game changer of the SUV sector   

Initially launched in 1999, BMW X5 is still one of the most luxurious and best ranked cars of the brand. The mid-sized luxury vehicle has seen many improvements over the years, and the first model that appeared in 1999 has come a long way ever since. The most recent updated version of the X5 has been launched recently and it features incredible options, which definitely offer an improved experience to drivers and passengers. No matter what variation of the model you choose, you will still get the best value for money. So whether you are looking for a reliable car to drive around the city, ore one to take you off road, then this automobile might just be the ideal choice. You are likely to find affordable BMW X5 for sale, but before you do, take some time to understand why this car has been a game changer for the automotive industry and will also change the way you see the driving experience.

The beginning: 1999 – 2006 

Launched in Detroit in January 1999, the first version of the X5 by BMW was already ahead of the market. This SUV took the sector one step further, particularly because it provided a qualitative experience not only for the driver, but for the passengers as well. In addition to this, the main reasons why specialists put it above its competitors were performance, drivability, independent suspension and unibody construction. This vehicle was an amazing sport cart, as well as a reliable choice for those who wanted to stay safe on city roads. Unlike the other generations, the first BMW X5 is the only one that came with manual transmission. As far as design is concerned, the car had many elements particular to the brand.

The second generation: 2007 – 2013

Seven years after the first generation, BMW launched an improved version. This vehicle was longer, wider and taller than its old brother, plus it came equipped with the iDrive user interface and a complex assistance systems. This automobile was way more spacious, fitting seven passengers perfectly comfortable and thus bringing something new to the SUV category. In 2009, the BMW X5 M appeared and became an instant success. At the moment, the car is considered the ancestor of the majestic X6, introduced in the upcoming years together with the term “crossover coupe”. Equipped with a two mode hybrid system and combining different design elements, the vehicle was a complete revolution at the time. 

Coming soon: 2014 –

The third generation of the already legendary BMW X5 came to life in 2014 and its story is not finished yet. This car has the same dimensions as the one belonging to the second generation, but is the first one that came with rear wheel drive. It is true that it may not be a family vehicle, given it strength and drift capabilities, but it will definitely amaze you if you enjoy having the power on the roads. In spite of its weight, the automobile is very agile on the road and remains a leading option for those who love the combination of traditional and modern.


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