Buick Enclave – what’s there to know?


The Buick mid-luxury SUV will instantly grab your attention if you look at the features and specs of their latest car. In case you are looking for an extremely powerful car, which would be absolutely perfect for family trips, at reasonable costs then buying a used Buick Enclave for sale from Edmunds might be the greatest choice you can make. The Buick Enclave is not the most popular car you can think of, but what it offers is way above the brands you might be already used to. Here are the main features of this car so you will convince yourself how mesmerising the Enclave is:

Basics and additional info

The Buick is a 4-door car with a great capacity of seven passengers. The car is, of course, an all-wheel drive and comes with a Chassis drive system with driver select. The alternator on this car goes up to 170 amps. The trailering provisions can reach 680 kg, given the fact that the Buick’s suspensions are a premium ride, four-wheel independent. What’s great about this car is the audio system – Bose integrated 10-speaker system with amp and a powerful subwoofer, plus a quiet tuning Buick system to reduce and block the noise or vibration. You’ll also meet a wireless charging feature.

Engine and other details

The Enclave rocks a 3.6l gas V6 type engine which can go up to 231 horsepower at 6800 RPM, plus a net torque of 359 at 2800 RPM. The fuel system is a direct injection one and it brings a VVT stop-start feature. The transmission system is a 9-speed automatic one making it easy for the driver to feel the car’s power. Enjoy driving with an electronic precision shift. Buick Enclave has an exhaust system with dual-outlet stainless steel for power lovers. You won’t have to worry about pollution either with the evaporative, level 3 system for emissions.


About the interior, you can say you just read about the perfect car: the 2-2-3 seating configuration with Captains chairs upgraded with adjustable armrests and the heating function will instantly make you want to drive such car. The steering wheel is also heated and leather-wrapped for better grip and comfort. You will see wood accents and leather combinations speaking of design. Air-conditioning is tri-zone this time and it is upgraded to choosing individual climate settings for each and every seat occupant.


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