Chic ways to decorate an industrial inspired outdoor space


When you are living in a warm region, an outdoor patio is a necessary addition to your house, because it offers you the possibility to enjoy staying outside during the pleasant nights of summer. Whether, it is comprised of concrete, brick or stone this area can be used as a socialising location, especially if you install a grill there. The majority of patios are designed in a cosy way, but if you have a house that features a modern design, you will not find suited to decorate the patio this way, because it will look out of place. And if you ruin the design of the house, it will also affect the value of the property in a negative way, and you will lose money in case you want to sell it. So, it is advisable to check some ideas before you purchase beach furniture. Here are some tips that will help you decorate the patio in an industrial modern way.

How do you plan an industrial patio?

If you already have an outdoor space, and you want to remodel it, it is crucial to have a plan, before starting the process. The first thing you should have in view is the purpose of the area. Here you will want to relax and spend time with your family and friends. So, you have to find a way to combine industrial elements with ones that will transform this space into a functional one. Concrete is the best choice when it comes to the material the patio is made of. In case you want to cover the patio, you can add a pergola or trellis.

Hang planters

Concrete might have a boring look if you do not add a few decorations. So, if you have a concrete wall, you should use some planters to decorate it. One idea will be to hang geometric brackets to sustain the planters. They will provide a perfect balance between industrial accents and natural elements. The plants you place there are up to your preferences, but it is advisable to choose ones that do not have flowers.

Choose a modern dining table

The dining table is the centrepiece of any patio. According to the number of people who will spend time there, you will have to decide the size of the table. Also, you have different possibilities when it comes to the sitting options. Some of the seta available on the market feature chairs, others come with benches, and some combine different sitting options. You can choose a model with rustic inspired top and steel legs. For a pop of colour, some providers paint the steel legs in bold shades. In case you want to design the patio to host parties, then you should focus on purchasing furniture items similar to the ones you find in bars. You can buy two or three tall tables, with matching chairs and place them in the patio. According to the use of the outdoor space, you have multiple options when it comes to furniture, you only have to check the lists offered by providers.

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