Choose climate-controlled storage and protect your belongings


If you intend to store your items in a public unit, you have to make a detailed research concerning the options and choose something suitable that will provide excellent security for your belongings. Certain items require special attention, such as climate control in order to preserve their optimal condition and functionality. Therefore, you have to become acquainted with both the features included in every type of storage unit and the external factors that affect certain items. This will help you eliminate the causes and ensure a long life for your valuable possessions.


Whether you want to store your winter clothes that occupy too much space in your closet and make room for summer outfits or your precious wedding dress, choosing a storage unit with climate control is imperative in order to maintain their condition. First, you have to clean the items properly and then you have to make sure that you become familiar with the climate control option in order to adjust the temperature correctly because the goal is to prevent a high level of humidity that can ruin your clothes.


When it comes to furniture, a storage unit will definitely ensure the adequate protection. Wooden furniture including tables and chairs, nightstands or bed frames should not be exposed to moisture because it will crack and rot. Leather furniture is negatively affected by extreme temperatures and drastic weather changes. Considering the fact that is quite expensive, you should make the most out of the climate control and avoid its discoloration. Your furniture will surely receive the adequate security in climate-controlled units.


Just like leather furniture, household appliances including refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves cannot maintain their quality when kept in extreme cold or heat. Fortunately, climate-controlled storage units Guelph can prevent them from rusting and cracking, which represents major damage and can lead to the inability of the owner to keep using them. Even more, these types of units can even prevent mold accumulation inside the appliances. However, you should make sure that you wash and dry them before you storing.


Some people resort to public storage not only for clothes, appliances or furniture, but also for expensive electronics, such as TV sets or computers. Obviously, with climate control they have the certainty that when returning and verifying their condition, they will not be disappointed. Humidity and drastic temperature shifts have the power to damage significantly the internal parts of electronics by causing rusting and wiring destruction. Therefore, if you intend to store them for a long period, you should avoid standard units.

Musical instruments

Not many people own and choose to store musical instruments in public units, probably because of their fragility and demand for great care. For instance, the components of pianos and guitars might rust and they even fall apart in time due to high level of humidity. Not only the condition, but also the shape of the musical instruments can change. Nevertheless, if you select carefully a storage unit that allows you to adjust the temperature properly, negative external factors will not take a toll on your instruments.

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