Clever Tips for Remodeling the Basement

Everybody knows that the basement is that inhospitable place, which you usually associate with a simple storage space. From classic to modern, from an airy space to a more visually loaded space, the basement may take various forms, according to the needs of the owner.

The basement dehumidifier

Before you start to remodel your basement, make sure your storage space is in a good condition and you have a solid structure that will allow you to make changes. One of the big problems that basements have is the humidity. You should try to open the basement windows to provide some airflow, but even that may not be the best solution. That’s why the best device you should use, is the basement dehumidifier because it will help remove the excess moisture and reduce the humidity to a healthy level. If you have a small or medium sized basement, consider the Frigidaire 50 pint dehumidifier. This dehumidifiers prevents the development of mold spores and other bacteria which can cause breathing problems. If your basement has a drainage, you can connect the dehumidifier to a hose linked to the drain, and it will run continuously without needing to be emptied.

If your basement is rather large, the Frigidaire 50 pint dehumidifier might not handle your space, in which case you should look for a 70 pint dehumidifier. In the basement, you may also notice bad smell and signs of condensation on the walls. None of these signs are good. Actually, that can be very dangerous, which is why you should also treat the walls with a special solution against mold, check all water sources and fix the pipes flowing before you start the actual planning of the basement remodeling . Whether you want a space for fun and relaxation such as a gym or a room with interactive games, or a normal basement for storing wine and food , once you have solved the humidity problem with the basement dehumidifier, you can start to create the place that you want.

The equipment

If you chose to create a fun room you can opt for equipping your basement with a home cinema, a pool table or a bar on the side. You can also put a sofa and some armchairs near the table and your basement will be transformed into a place where your friends will enjoy spending time.

The light is also an aspect very important when you’re talking about the basement. To illuminate your basement you should use a few floor lamps. It’s also not a bad idea to install ceiling fans, pendant lights or tracks lights because nothing is sadder than a basement drowned in dim light.

Once you will finish with remodeling the basement, this space will be transformed into a sanctuary dream for yourself, your family and your friends. No matter what design you choose for the basement, it will surely be better than keeping the basement as a dusty storage space.

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