Creative Water Features for Your Garden

The garden is the most relaxing and peaceful place in your home. Your house will have a different look and it will be surely more welcoming with some fragrant and colorful flowers and some handmade decorations. When you think about decorating your garden you should keep in mind that the water decorations are very important. In feng shui, water is associated with prosperity, luck and health, but physically, the water gives a state of tranquility and relaxation.

To transform your garden into a source of peace and harmony it’s recommended not to forget nature’s most important element, which is the water. The fountains are well received in any garden. These accessories can bring life and movement to your garden.

Some fountains are made of stones, others are made of glass or plastic, but whatever model you choose in your garden, a fountain brings joy and energy. The followings creative water features for your garden should be a great inspiration for you.

The stone garden fountain

The urn fountain is a creative element. It’s a simple and a beautiful eye-catching feature in a garden. But, it’s recommended to create this object considering the weather conditions because is designed to remain outdoors. Another idea for the stone garden fountain is the stone pond. This project shouldn’t be that difficult. If you like to work with stones this project is just perfect for you. You can also opt for those fountains which imitate waterfalls. The waterfalls have the greatest effect of a garden. In a waterfall fountain, you will find many natural elements: stones, plants, and wood. The sound of water hitting the rocks will cover all other sounds in our garden.

The water wall

Undoubtedly, the outdoor water wall is one of the most interesting and visually stunning garden projects that you ever saw. It is more attractive since you can make it yourself by using only a round glass-top and a glass piece. It is especially suitable for small gardens, where there isn’t enough space for a classic fountain. The water wall fits better in the Asian landscape design, as it has a Zen vibe, but this is not a rule.

The wooden fountains

The fountains made of wood look great in a rustic garden. These are also used to mask the hydrophore`s place. This wood item is treated with water-based paint to provide resistance to moisture, and weathering, preserving its look for a long time.

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