Decorating a bedroom – follow the designers’ tips

According to interior designers, bedroom is the most important part of a house, due to the fact that people have the tendency to spend the majority of their time there. Thus, it is highly recommended to take care of the way you decorate this room. And there are, however, some important tips that you have to bear in mind.

It all depends on how large the space from your room is

There are many people who complain about the fact that their house is not large enough. In this case, you need to make some small compromises, a thing which includes giving up some decorations. For example, you may try to replace the paintings with wallpaper, a thing which can give an elegant note to your bedroom. There are many interior designers who say that a good idea is looking for Bedroom Showroom in Sheffield. You can find some trust-worthy furniture suppliers who are able to meet your expectations.

Do not throw away the old furniture!

It is highly recommended to keep the old furniture from your bedroom and use it in a creative way. Let’s say for example that you child is already too big for sleeping in a crib. Why do not your take this item from his/ her bedroom and use it for decorating your room? You can transform it into an amazing desk.

Sliding doors for a wardrobe – what a smart solution!

In case you do not have a room that you can transform in a wonderful dressing, you should use the sliding door systems in order to create an interior storage for your fancy clothes. The only thing you have to do is to use some shelves. You can try investing in some oak beams, in order to create them. They are a very popular choice in the UK.

Add some flowers, but be careful what you choose!

If you are not the owner of a large bedroom, you will have to give up adding too many flowers because they consume the oxygen from your room. According to gardeners, lilies can be a dangerous choice. Even if they look elegant, they have the tendency to absorb all the oxygen inside your room and you will end up suffering from breathing problems. Thus, you should go for orchids instead.

Paint the wall in a friendly colour

In case you claim that you do not know what to choose because of lack of inspiration, designers would like to recommend white or grey. Grey is for modern innovative bedroom decorations, whereas white is a classic choice. Or in case you are looking for something feminine, you should go for dusty pink.  

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