Design elements for the focal points of a home – the kitchen and bathroom

There are two focal points of each house that determine whether it is going to sell quickly or not. These are represented by the kitchen and bathroom. Each of these rooms should be properly furnished and equipped with the latest technology in terms of appliances to attract the eyes of the buyers. In order to make a house stand out, a designer should focus on making both the kitchen and the bathroom look as if inspired by the most famous interior design magazine. The good news is that you can do that without spending lots and lots of money, even though it doesn’t seem like it. Luxurious houses are the center of attention of buyers today, so the desired outcome includes some design elements that make the house pleasurable for the potential clients’ eyes. Here’s the list you might want to know about:

For the bathroom…

During the past few years, home designers accentuated the importance of a comfortable bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most personal rooms in one’s house. It should be a relaxed space, purposed to relieve the stress you accumulated during a day. Taking a hot shower or a bubble bath at the end of the day can make you forget about everything that happened. So, what are the trends for 2018? Bathrooms no longer require a huge space. You can opt for some seamless glass shower doors that could offer a luxuriant touch to your bathroom and pair it with smaller sink bowls and some cabinets.

The outcome will be both efficient and good-looking. In case you want a bigger bathroom, don’t forget to include a bathtub beside the shower cabin. This way, you will never have to select between the two. Forget about marble flooring which is too expensive. Tiles will do just fine. You can invest the remaining money in underfloor heating systems or even small appliances for the bathroom. Technology evolved, the reason why you should take advantage of it.

For the kitchen…

2018 is the year of changes when it comes to kitchen design. Say goodbye to minimalism, greenery, or dark color palettes. It’s time for rich colors and ceramic tiles. While still maintaining a clean, airy look, kitchens will include simple countertops and flooring. White and grey tones, wood and metals still take part in the picture. This year, you should opt for efficiency instead of looks. Hidden high-tech appliances are now the focal point of designer’s investments in terms of kitchens. The more upgraded it is, the higher the number of eyes it attracts.

Again, trends are changing, so don’t be shocked if environmental-friendly kitchens start to take over the market. Wasting fewer resources and going green are two goals for the future homes. Mixing and matching both furniture and appliances so that the outcome respects the latest trends is the main purpose of designers, reason why you’ll notice similar kitchens in new houses. Stick with the ones that are suitable for your own needs, regardless of the trend that’s in vogue at the moment.

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