Interior décor: furnishing your dream home on a budget

What is your dream home? Do you picture yourself living in a rustic cottage with organic elements and an inviting smell of freshly baked pie coming from the kitchen? Do you want to live in grand style in a luxurious contemporary apartment with a spacious balcony or terrace with redolent flowers, stones, a conversational area and a barbeque? Do you see yourself enjoying every single day with your family in a decent but charming home with unique decorative elements and vintage artwork? Do you want to reside somewhere by the ocean so bad that you are willing to infuse the nautical décor style into your home by adding shells and coral accents? Are you the type of person who likes to invest in big silver mirrors, lush flower arrangements and sparkling chandeliers or you like to put more accent on comfort and relaxation by keeping things minimal, but placing faux-fur rugs and wool blankets in every room of the house? A dream home looks differently for every person out there.

Do not focus on your limited budget; let your creativity flow

Those people who struggle to make ends meet and dispose of a limited budget for their interior décor do not even consider transforming that empty space into their private Paradise because they imagine that you can only achieve such a wish if you have deep pockets. They are right…to a certain extent. Of course, you cannot afford to invest in the most expensive decorative elements like sparkling chandeliers and gold bathroom faucets, but details sometimes make the different and details require attention and time, not necessarily loads of money. For instance, furniture purchase and arrangement are far more important than you think because it immediately captivates the attention. For this reason, when exploring Lebanon furniture stores, you must think about strategic ways of creating a conversational area while still considering increased foot traffic. Do not purchase pieces of furniture just to fill in the blank space without even paying attention its quality or style. Start with the basic pieces like a bed, a couch, a table with comfortable chairs and then you can gradually add more if you think necessary.

Modern vs. traditional furniture for your dream home

Your budget might impose certain limits, but if you let your endless creativity flow, then you can definitely manage to create a personal sanctuary where you can relax and spend precious time alone away from the judgmental society. When picking furniture for your home, there are several important factors that you simply cannot overlook. These refer to measurements, colors, materials and aspect. Do you want something modern or do you incline towards something more traditional that reminds you of the past? If the first case, you have to opt for clean clines and neutral colors; your main objective is to interblend natural woods or leather with glass, chrome or steel and go with low, horizontal pieces. In the second case, you have to exude calm and casual. When it comes to furniture pieces, you have to place them in pairs, right in the center of the room.

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