Smells like Christmas: infuse your home with cozy winter style

Shorter days, ugly sweaters, Christmas movies and classic tunes on the radio have become a staple of the joyful holiday season. The thought that you and your family have the opportunity to enjoy these small pleasures of life just once a year is quite disheartening, but the good news is that you do not have to wait that much until the next Christmas because you can inject your home with cozy winter style right now. This will bring to your interiors the warmth and festivity characteristic of the merry holiday season. You can view this transformation as a quick home improvement project that will completely change the vibe inside your house. Be sure that your guests will feel the change within seconds of crossing the threshold. Before suiting the action to the word, think about the main factors that remind of Christmas.

Sight and touch: beautiful decorations and knitted blankets

How do you usually decorate your home during this cold time of the year? What type of cookies do you bake for the family? Do you like to go over the top with interior lighting? Do you always keep knitted blankets or sweaters close during the winter season? Most important of all, remember that cozy winter style focuses on…comfort, of course. The truth is that you cannot keep all the amazing and colorful holiday decorations around the house for the entire year because neighbors will probably start questioning your sanity. However, you can add gold or silver glitter ornaments, orange pomander balls and a few Christmas sacks here and there that you can personalize if you want to stay original. Furthermore, nobody will judge you if you go with plush or fluffy area rugs in the living room and fresh rosemary or pine to remind your family and your guests of the unique holiday spirit.

Smell, sound and taste: ginger, Christmas songs and savory treats

The arrival of the winter season changes the atmosphere in people’s homes drastically. Your mission during this home decorating project is to create that atmosphere and maintain it for the whole year or until you decide to try another style for the interiors. Practically, you have to infuse that characteristic smell, sound and taste by opting for specific fragrances like pine, cloves, ginger, peppermint, cinnamon and cedar wood, listen to your favorite Christmas music and watch your children’s favorite comedy movies but also cook the traditional Christmas foods, particularly the savory desserts like puddings and apple or sweet mince pies. Do not forget to always place fresh flowers in the living room and light some scented candles for achieving that warm ambiance.

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