Spring clean 101 – Handy guide for clumsy people


We all need a life hack or two from time to time. Being an adult comes with many responsibilities and many of us struggle even with simple tasks such a spring-cleaning. However, certain companies do a great job at helping people in this position by providing cleaning and rubbish removal services. A company like this is clearabee.co.uk and they can help with the entire process in no time. If you want to find out how you can master spring-cleaning this year, continue reading below.

Get rid of that rubbish lying around

Daunting as it is, getting rid of rubbish is necessary. However, if you don’t know where to begin from and what your priorities are, begin by hiring a specialised company to help you. And don’t fool yourself by saying your house lacks rubbish. Think about your garage or attic. A great rule to have in mind is “If you don’t use it, throw it away!” Help the rubbish removal company by sorting out your belongings. Keep the ones you need, and let them throw away all unnecessary objects you have. These companies have all the necessary personnel and equipment, like vans and the entire process is handled so efficiently, you’ll have a tidy house in one day.

You don’t have to worry about environmental issues

Garbage disposal is a thing we should all worry about, especially with the strict regulations of the late years. Not only we are as breaking some laws if we throw certain products such as old appliances at our will, but it is a great environmental issue well. These companies use ethical methods of garbage disposal, being something they must all follow. As a general rule, all the garbage is recycled, and you remain with a clean house, without damaging the environment.

Heavy lifting done professionally and efficiently

Using smart technologies, these companies can permanently monitor their employees and vans in the process. Also, clients have the advantage of permanently knowing the time at which the team will arrive. On the other hand, while you might not be clumsy at all, you might lack the strength to handle your old refrigerator, let’s say. For this reason, it might be the best to find a company whose employees have experience in removing heavy items, as well as proper vehicles. Your car might not support heavy loads and fixing issues that might appear might be more expensive than hiring a professional company from the very beginning.

A cost effective option

If heavy lifting is not particularly your cup of tea, or you have a reputation of being clumsy, then you might want to consider accidents. From a sprain ankle, to more serious issues, they all require some serious money to treat. Therefore, when thinking about the cost of hiring professionals, compare it with medical bills that might appear. The prices for garbage disposal services vary depending on the amount of rubbish you have, but they are an affordable, not to mention worthy investment.

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