The benefits of having a rocking chair in the nursery

You are in your second trimester, which is the perfect time to put together the nursery. If you are a new parent, then you might be tempted to start with the basics, like a crib, mattress, hanging table, and a dresser. You do need all these things in the nursery, but you will also need a baby rocking chair. This piece of furniture will help you calm down your little one and soothe them to the point of falling asleep. As the name suggests, the rocking chair is designed to rock the baby to sleep. However, you cannot use the baby rocking chair that belonged to your grandmother. It may be strong, but it sure is not comfortable. You want nothing but the best for your baby, so get an Incy x Hobbe rocker. It may be pricy, but it is worth the investment. Everybody should have one at home.

There are many benefits to having such a rocking chair in the nursery. Here are the most important ones.

Soothing a fussy newborn

You will be delighted when you hear the little one cry for the first time, but as the weeks go by, your joy will rapidly transform into frustration. What do you do to soothe your crying baby? You rock your baby. The constant gliding motion helps the little one become calm and relaxed. What rocking does is help synchronise the brain for sleep, which is why babies fall asleep more quickly. If you want to avoid sleepless nights, get a rocking chair. With the help of the rocker, you will be able to keep your newborn calm and sleepy. You will not spend hours putting your child to sleep.

Comfy place to breastfeed

There is no need to buy a chair specially made for breastfeeding when you have a rocker. The piece of furniture provides you a comfortable place to feed your little one. The rocking motion will keep the toddler sleepy and calm while you breastfeed, not to mention that you will be sitting comfortably. The rocking chair offers both the baby and the nursing mother comfort. So, you can breastfeed while seating comfortably. When setting together a nursery, you should definitely buy a rocking chair. It is essential for accomplishing feedings.

Improving child’s development

According to research, a well-designed baby rocking chair contributes to child development. How so? It seems that the constant gliding motion boosts brain development and the ability to pay attention. The motion helps the toddler’s inner ear, that is the ear balancing mechanism. You can use the rocker for years to come because it works for children of all ages.

The baby rocking chair should definitely be on your nursery checklist. In fact, this should be your main priority. This piece of furniture helps you soothe your little one, it provides you a comfy place to breastfeed and contributes to your child’s development. What is more, there are many designs of the rocker that offer a sophisticated performance. You will not have to compromise comfort for style.

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