Tips for Building a Practical Outdoor Kitchen

Are you dreaming of a summer kitchen in your backyard, where you can spend time with family, friends, and work colleagues having a BBQ , or a drink? If so, keep in mind that a practical outdoor kitchen should be well designed and it should allow you to enjoy cooking outside in the summer months.

The outdoor kitchens are almost the most desirable acquisitions for those who have a house with a yard. You can create an outdoor kitchen with a simple grill and a table with chairs, or you can choose to built a summer kitchen equipped with everything that an ordinary kitchen already has stove, sink, counters, storage cabins and even a refrigerator. You should also opt to put a grill, a microwave and even a bar with high chairs. The summer kitchen has a big advantage that you can not overlook: you are surrounded by fresh air, greenery and bathed by nature sounds.

The foundation

When you think about building a kitchen in your backyard, you should keep in mind that choosing the materials for building the foundations and the floor layout is very important. Proper flooring not only adds durability and value to the end product but it also completes the overall look. That’s why when you are building a project of this scale, it’s recommended to put safety first.

The location

The location is another important aspect you should think about. You must make sure that there isn’t a long distance from the outdoor kitchen to the inside, so consider placing your summer kitchen relatively near the home entrance.

If you want to have a view from inside to outside, it’s recommended to place the outdoor kitchen at an angle where the view isn’t blocked. You should also opt for placing the grill in an area where the smoke doesn’t waft back into the home.

The appliances

The most important appliance is without a doubt the grill. Charcoal grills have long been replaced by modern gas grills with innovative features. The market is full of gas grills, with different features and with prices that vary greatly. We did a little research on the market and we found the perfect grill. Take a look at this Weber Genesis E 310 review to see for yourself that this is the most convenient gas grill. It is reasonably priced, costing less than $1,000. We like the fact that it has a very sturdy construction, being made mostly of stainless steel, which means that it will last a long time. The Weber Genesis E 310 has porcelain enameled cast iron grates which will deliver that delicious sear marks.

Aside from a quality gas grill, it would be wise to also invest in an outdoor refrigerator to always have cool drinks at hand during those summer barbecues.

The furniture

Most summer kitchens are equipped with furniture that resists temperature oscillations, being exposed to sun, wind and even snow. Finishing furniture may be used in plating natural stones or brick and wooden decorative elements.

Usually, beside the grill, oven, sink, fridge and worktop, the outdoor kitchen should also have some cabinets for storing dishes and utensils. You can add a touch of creativity by placing a sofa with colorful pillows and some armchairs near the summer kitchen. Near the grill, you can improvise a solid wood table with chairs.

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