Top questions to ask your real estate agent when buying

When searching for a new home the process may seem stressful to you. You hop from one house to another in trying to find your dream one. If you know what questions to ask your real estate agent, they will help you form an opinion, get rid of confusion and save time. If you ask the right questions then the real estate agent is the person you can rely on, because they will be your ally during the house search. When buying a house it is essential to identify the possible risks and have a clear idea of how much the property values. Before starting to look for houses establish your budget, and decide the location where you want to find a property. In addition, it is important for you to know the agent in order to trust them and their choices. They will find you potential properties and they will introduce you to prospective sellers.

Why do the owners sell the house?

Before visiting a property, you should ask this question. In this way, you will easily assess the value of the house. Sometimes the owners want to hide the real reasons, and if this is the case, the real estate agent will look bothered by the question. If you know what the reason for selling the house is, you will be able to make an idea about the type of seller you will have to negotiate with.

Can you offer me the home report?

In order to make an idea about the general condition of the house it is advisable to ask the seller send you a home buyers report before you book a visit. In this way, you will know if it is worth to visit the property or not. The home report will also offer you key details about the house, like the energy efficiency, the valuation, the risks the property has and the repairs it needs.

What is the original asking price?

In case the house is for a long period on the market, it is important to ask the real estate agent what offers the homeowner received until now. Ask them how many times the owner declined an offer, and if there were successful offers, why they did not close the deal.

Are the owners willing to negotiate?

In case you consider that the house is perfect for you, you should not make an offer before asking your real estate agent if the seller is willing to negotiate the original price. You may have to work within a budget and in this case it is important for you to find out if they are ready to reduce the price.

What is the lowest price the owner is ready to accept?

When selling a house the owners set a price, but in the majority of cases, they are willing to reduce it by at least 10%. This means that they have a different sum in mind, and if you really want to make this purchase, you should ask your agent to get in touch with them and ask them what the final price is.

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