Using oak beams as part of your rustic restaurant décor

When it comes to choosing a real character feature for your rustic restaurant décor, exposed oak beams are sure to fit the bill. As well as looking great, oak beams actually have many practical benefits.


Oak beams are very versatile. If you’re having your restaurant refitted, you can have the beams cut to different shapes to reflect the quirkiness or heritage of your rustic décor.

In addition to giving interest and shape to your restaurant ceiling, a single oak beam can make a real feature point when placed over the top of an open fire or used above internal and external doors.

Strength and durability

Engineered oak beams are supplied ready-cured, meaning that the beams will be very durable and strong. Over time, splits may appear in the wood. This is a natural part of the oak’s drying process and is exacerbated by the heat and air conditioning systems in your restaurant. This effect won’t be detrimental to the strength of the beams and will simply add more rustic charm to their look.

You can prolong the life of your oak beams and protect them from the effects of damp and wood-eating insects by staining, varnishing or painting them. In fact, a dark stain can be a very effective way of making new oak appear older and more in keeping with the rustic effect you are looking for.


Exposed oak beams don’t require much maintenance, but you will need to give them some regular attention to keep them free from dust and spiders’ webs. All you need to do is vacuum the beams once a month or so, using the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner hose.

It’s also a good idea to wipe the beams over with a damp cloth periodically to get rid of any grease that may have accumulated there, especially if your restaurant features a diner kitchen viewing window.

Add atmosphere with rustic oak beams

Exposed oak beams can add a very special rustic charm to your restaurant, creating a perfect intimate ambience for evening diners when combined with candlelight.

Oak beams are versatile, low-maintenance, and strong, so once you’ve had them installed, they will last you a lifetime.

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