What Type of Microwave is Best Suited for Your Kitchen

The microwave oven has become a necessity in every kitchen thanks to its versatility and the wide range of use that make it suitable for cooking many types of food. Given the popularity of this appliance and the many models available on the market, finding the right microwave should be a breeze but you will discover that things are not that easy. To help you make the best choice, we tried to describe the main types of microwave ovens, so you will know which one is the right one for you.

The countertop microwave

This is the most popular type that you can see in most kitchens because it’s affordable, easy to install and easy to use. It comes in many sizes so you can easily fit it on any counter and so that it can meet the needs of any family size. However, the fact that it takes counter space could be a disadvantage as well because many kitchens are too small to fit every appliance you need. Still, you can choose a compact version that allows you to enjoy this type of microwave without taking too much counter space. The design is usually stainless steel but you can also find black or white models with sleek glass doors and attractive touchscreens. Most models now feature convection cooking but the most advanced models use infrared heat combined with convection for the most delicious cooking.

The over the range microwave

To help you save space while enjoying the most versatile microwave oven, manufacturers have come up with the over the range microwave, a model that works as an oven and a cooking hood. However, they don’t work as effectively as a professional range hood although they are connected to the outside and send the steam and odors out from your kitchen. Sill, these models manage to combine utility and functionality and offer you basically the same features as a countertop version. Keep in mind that installing such a microwave oven requires the help of an electrician.

The built in microwave

This category includes models designed to be surrounded by cabinets or built into the walls so you can easily integrate them into the smallest kitchen. Microwave drawers can be placed under the counter and can be easily accessed while they remain out of sight when not in use. The built-in versions can be mounted on the wall or can be placed below an oven. Many countertop microwaves can become built-in using special installation kits that you can purchase separately.

When you decide on the right type of microwave for your kitchen, you will also have to decide on one of the many units that fit into that category. We advise you to read more than one microwave oven review in order to discover the most efficient oven that matches your budget and your needs.

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