Why spray foam is considered superior to other types of insulation?

It is commonly known that cooling and heating costs are probably the biggest energy expenses that homeowners have to cover, even bigger than all other expenses combined. In order to reduce these costs, the best solution is to insulate your house, which means that looking for a professional and experienced insulation company on the internet is mandatory and one good place to start the research is http://www.gni.ca/. Here are some pretty good reasons why you should consider spray foam instead of other forms of insulation for your house.

Your energy savings will be greater

Believe it or not, you will benefit from greater energy savings if you insulate your house with spray foam and the reason is quite simple – this form of insulation has a higher R-value compared to others available on the market. When applied, it creates a rigid blanket that acts as a thermal break and it can prevent heat loss, thus keeping it inside the house and creating a more comfortable living environment.

Indoor air quality is significantly better

It is worth mentioning that closed-cell foam is highly efficient when it comes to insulating a building, since it prevents dust, water and various pollutants from getting into your house and affecting the air quality, which means that you will live in a safer and healthier environment. What is more, spray foam fights against mould growth, which it is generally agreed that it can be quite a nightmare for many homeowners. Inhaling toxic mould spores can have serious consequences on your health causing breathing problems and even asthma. Through this insulation method, you prevent moisture accumulation, which is the no. 1 reason of mould appearing, whereas other insulation methods are not as air-tight barrier as foam.

You benefit from noise reduction too

Living in a crowded and busy neighbourhood can be quite challenge, because you have to get used to all that noise coming from outside day and night. However, spray foam comes with another great advantage compared to fiberglass for instance or other forms of insulation and that is it reduces noise. Unwanted airborne sounds or impact noise such as vibrations or footsteps are significantly minimized with spray foam.

It gives your home structure more strength

Spray foam has another good quality and that is it helps strengthening the structure of your house. When applied, the foam expands and fills any gaps existing between walls, roof cavity or floor, thus bonding together joints, sheeting and studs and increasing structural strength. It does not disintegrate or shrink over time, not to mention that it does not need replacing either, since once applied it becomes part of the structure.

As it can be seen, these are some of the most important reasons why you should consider using spray foam in order to insulate your house and not other forms of insulation. Nevertheless, in order to benefit from the best results, it is mandatory to hire a professional insulation company that is willing to provide you high quality services at the best prices on the market.

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